Is GLOBAL ENTRY card the only way to travel fast

Every year we go to holiday with our family. In most cases, we hit the road during the summer season when we have the right to use our leave of absence. We start organizing our family vacation several months before the date of departure, as the only thing we are hoping for is everything to be perfect. Or at least close to perfect…

In order to make our summer holiday pleasant for everyone, we must think about everything in details: hotel accommodation, places where we will dine, entertainments for our kids and why not for us – the parents, the ways of movements etc. The last one is very, very important due to many reasons. First of them is the comfort along the way!

There are many opportunities for us to travel well. For example, you can buy flight tickets in order to reach your destination faster. Thus, you will not only travel several hours, but will be able to enjoy your movement. Everybody knows that to travel by car is very exhausting, especially for the driver! Skip all that and use the better way to travel fast – the GLOBAL ENTRY cards!

We always love to say that every perfect trip starts with the right documents. If you do not have a GLOBAL ENTRY card, be ready to wait on the lines long, to be the last one who will stay in the hotel and the first who will apply for a GLOBAL ENTRY card next time when he has to travel between Canada and the U.S.!

If you have a family and several kids who have no patience to reach the hotel and to start having fun as well, then you desperately need GLOBAL ENTRY cards! With them you will be the best parent ever, because your children will not have to wait for hours on the border for a custom check. You will have more free time for your beloved ones and instead to make them wait, will let them feel like special travelers. – By using the GLOBAL ENTRY program.

Make the people you love happy and by making those members of the GLOBAL ENTRY program. Apply today and get the special GLOBAL ENTRY family package that will provide you with a special pass. You will be able to cross the borders of Canada and the U.S. so fast, that even will not believe that it is possible someone to travel so quickly. But is a truth – let this be your truth!

To apply for a GLOBAL ENTRY card is just as easy as to renew it. – Moreover if it is about the GLOBAL ENTRY family package. In this situation you have to follow fewer steps, while the procedure is maximally facilitated! Every member of the GLOBAL ENTRY program knows that to travel with GLOBAL ENTRY card is wonderful, especially if you have no time to waste and HAVE to reach Canada or the U.S. fast! Traveling parents know that very well…

To renew your GLOBAL ENTRY family package, first you have to make sure that everything is as before. What we mean? – We mean that your address have to be the same, your personal data have to be unchanged, as the absence of a criminal record still must be present! Well, if we have to be honest – all that is quite easy for you to do it, because there are only a few cases when the family application forms have been rejected!

See more information on renew GLOBAL ENTRY card here!

Apply today for your family and get your GLOBAL ENTRY cards before to plan your next vacation! Be prepared when it is time to pass the customs check and show your GLOBAL ENTRY cards to the border police officers. Reach first again Canada or America and tell your family that they will always travel in this way – fast and like VIP! Unless your GLOBAL ENTRY cards do not disappear…

We have mentioned the last one because to many cases of missing cards. For that reason, the GLOBAL ENTRY program is flexible and ready to help its members when they have such a problem. No matter what the reason why you cannot find your GLOBAL ENTRY card is, keep in mind that there is a solution – you can replace it!


But before proceeding with this procedure, make sure that your card is not in some cupboard that is rarely opened… Be sure that you have checked everywhere and your GLOBAL ENTRY card certainly is gone. Then you must apply for replacement!

Primarily, you have to know that your new (replaced) GLOBAL ENTRY card will be with the same expired date like the old one. Secondly, you have to apply as before by providing your personal data. It will be carefully checked and if it is okay, you will be approved. Have in mind that if your card is not expired, you are still member of the GLOBAL ENTRY program and respectively you have the huge change to receive a renewed NEXS card! Hope so!

What to do when we need a GLOBAL ENTRY card replacement?

Maybe you are wondering if the procedure when applying is the same. And yes, we can say that it is the same and more than that – it is easier… You will not have to pass the initial interview or to wait too long for approval. You just have to apply in short terms after you notice that you GLOBAL ENTRY card is missing. And that is all – easy, sample and even pleasant. The GLOBAL ENTRY program is favorite for many people just because it’s amazing structure – to give its members unlimited possibilities and great solutions when there is a problem!

There are three reasons why you may have to apply for replacement: lost, damaged or stolen GLOBAL ENTRY card. No matter why your card is missing, you have the right to apply for replacement. The GLOBAL ENTRY program is family-friendly and has a special attitude to the traveling parents. – But not only… Any former, current or potential member of this program is welcome again and this will never change! You should know that are always welcome back in the GLOBAL ENTRY family, so even if you have lost your GLOBAL ENTRY card, can renew it!

Enjoy your next trip with the GLOBAL ENTRY cards and never stop using it!


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