Pay for one Pamporovo lift pass and take two

Only an inch of snow on the hills of the Rhodopes was enough to boost the hype of those eager to ski and skate on the slopes of the largest in area Bulgarian mountain. And they already know what are the prices of all types of Pamporovo lift pass – actually, the Rhodopes complex was the first among all top Bulgarian winter resorts to issuing a list of fees. The good news for all snowy ride lovers is that the cost for the daily Pamporovo ski pass remains unchanged for the 2017-18 season compared to the previous season and beyond that numerous opportunities are available for a longer stay and family vacations.

Pamporovo ski pass prices

Pay for one and use two – this concept is where Rhodopes winter centre beat the competition in Bulgaria. Pamporovo resort joins forces with the nearby Mechi Chal and both compose a kind of ski vacation multiplex despite the connection between is accomplished only by shuttle buses bringing tourist from one place to another. There are plans in the making to link both resorts with slopes and lifts but even before the materialization of such scenario which will make that winter complex effectively the biggest on the Balkans, paying for a Pamporovo lift pass grants access to the piste of Mechi Chal too.

But it’s not vice-versa – you can pay for Mechi Chal only, the daily pass for the lift in the vicinity of the town of Chepelare amounts to 39 BGN (20 Euro). Cheaper than the Pamporovo ski pass costing 55 BGN (28 Euro) but the higher fee opens the possibility to run down on 15 slopes in the whole area while Mechi Chal alone has one piste alone even if it’s almost 3 km long.

The options for Pamporovo lift passes start from a half-day ride (39 BGN, for a 4 hours window in the morning or in the afternoon) and go up to 13 days. The price of a 2-week card is 600 BGN and sums up for less than 11 daily ski passes – two days for free. Well, most of the people don’t have the time and the money to spend but weekly Pamporovo lift pass represents also a good option – 338 BGN, a little bit more than 6 separate daily tickets. And for those who will to ski all winter, the season card costs 1080 BGN (roughly 550 Euro).

Sure, the kids use a significant discount. The access is free for children below the age of 7 and a daily Pamporovo ski pass for anyone younger than 12 years costs only 33 BGN. For a week the fee for a child is 189 BGN (below 100 Euro), for the whole season – 597 BGN (just a bit above 300 Euro). The most attractive options from the Rhodopes resort come with the family packages. It could be one adult plus two children (304 BGN for three days, 652 for a week) or two adults plus one child (368 BGN for three days, 788 for a week), even families with three children are on the list – the more, the merrier. Family packages are limited up to 9 days and teenagers are not included in the discount – everyone from 13 years and up pays the price for an adult. For the standard combination of two parents and two children, it will cost 448 BGN for three days, 960 BGN for a week and 1140 BGN for nine days.

So many options to obtain the Pamporovo lift pass that suits you the most and one of the most affordable across Europe. Calculating what will a winter vacation in Rhodopes cost you, check also the ski packs and services’ prices on Balkan Holidays. One of the sunniest winter resorts welcomes you with some of the best opportunities for a nice ski holiday.