The unfading attraction of Borovets ski resort


Famous among the elders and common name for youngsters, renowned for offering great conditions for skiing and snowboarding and at the some attracting with vibrant nightlife, this Bulgarian resort has always been a top national level. Dating back to the end of the 19th century, Borovets bears the title of the oldest winter sports center in the country. Old but not obsolete, the site situated in the footsteps of Mount Musala (the highest on the Balkans, standing 2925 m tall) is a magnet for both local and foreign tourists.

Despite being overshadowed by Bansko hype in the past decade, Borovets ski resort still holds a high reputation and has some advantages compared to the competition on a national level. The Rila mountain resort stands on a much shorter distance to Sofia than Bansko and Pamporovo and thus the trip from the main airport of the country – the one in the capital city area, takes less time than riding to the winter centers in the Pirin or the Rhodopi mountains. Borovets skiing options increase their popularity among the citizens of Sofia too who face obstacles in the past ten years to enjoy the snowy sports activity on the slopes of Vitosha – the highland that neighbors and interconnects with the biggest city in Bulgaria.


What do more Borovets ski holidays offer to the guests?


The location is a key factor but no tourist hub rely entirely on it. A variety of runs for skiing, snowboarding, and sleighs are to be found on the hills of the Rila mountain. Every weekend hundreds of children enjoy a slide in the lower parts of the resort and often parents prefer to extend the vacation for a whole week if there is still a room available to book. Going higher from than 1300 m above the sea level – the altitude of Borovets, and reaching up to 2550, the point where the start of the Markujika 3 piste is situated, it’s easy to calculate the displacement in the range of more than 1200 m. Several ski centers make up the entire zone of Borovets ski resort – Bistrica is the nearest to the main village, Markujika, as it was mentioned, is the highest and in between in height, there are also Sitnyakovo and Yastrebets.


The total length of the trails available for Alpine skiing sums up to 58 km. Skiing in Borovets is possible for riders of any type – the green type is present for the beginners, while tracks like Markujika 2A have been designed as a challenge only for experienced experts in downhills and slalom. Cross-country skiing also happens to be a highly popular and preferable option in the oldest national winter center and – the total length of the Borovets ski ways is more than 35 km. 


Established for more than a century, the tradition of the Rila mountain based resort has been laid in providing a good quality of service regarding the accommodation. Hotels like Rila and Iglika stand among the best choices you can find considering to book a suite for a Borovets ski holidays. Budget oriented options, as well as five-star experience, are present in the oldest national winter complex.


The pride of the Borovets ski schools


The accommodation is on a high level and the venue is easily accessible but among the main reasons skiing in Borovets deserved to be considered a top choice is the excellence of the winter sports training in the area. The absolute rookies have nothing to fear to enroll in a lesson or a course in Bulgaria especially if they opted to stay in the Rila mountain region. The more affordable scheme is to join a group of pupils ranging from 4 to 12 persons – between 54 and 79 GBP per day for a 4-hour block. A smaller number is considered individual training and costs twice or thrice as much.


The total newbies start their lessons in the main village before going up on the hills. But with the top quality of the Borovets ski schools, only one week of training might be enough to go braver than just circling near Hotel Rila and catch the gondola lift for a greater challenge.


No sleep till 10 PM on the slopes of Borovets


The winter day is short but who says that you can enjoy the ride only when the sun is up in the sky? Night skiing in Borovets deserves to be experienced and it’s available for the whole season. What you need to hit the runs under the spotlights is to buy the special a night pass which is a valid option between 6 and 10 PM – it’s important to know that it’s not included in the packs available to book in advance. Of course, not all slopes work till late in the evening but four of the Rila mountain tracks are available for that purpose when the weather conditions happen to be appropriate.


In the daylight, the ordinary passes are available between 8.30 and 16.30 and this is the time span the lifts in which Borovets ski resort work. Despite the opinion that some of the facilities need to be replaced or reconstructed, the whole system is secured by the half-day checks every week. One day every month the lifts and drags are closed for the same reason but on a random working day, the system has the capacity to bring more than 15 thousand people to the slopes every hour. And it’s no wonder that Borovets is a popular and busy venue during the winter.



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