Is GLOBAL ENTRY card the only way to travel fast

Every year we go to holiday with our family. In most cases, we hit the road during the summer season when we have the right to use our leave of absence. We start organizing our family vacation several months before the date of departure, as the only thing we are hoping for is everything to be perfect. Or at least close to perfect…

In order to make our summer holiday pleasant for everyone, we must think about everything in details: hotel accommodation, places where we will dine, entertainments for our kids and why not for us – the parents, the ways of movements etc. The last one is very, very important due to many reasons. First of them is the comfort along the way!

There are many opportunities for us to travel well. For example, you can buy flight tickets in order to reach your destination faster. Thus, you will not only travel several hours, but will be able to enjoy your movement. Everybody knows that to travel by car is very exhausting, especially for the driver! Skip all that and use the better way to travel fast – the GLOBAL ENTRY cards!

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What You Should Know About Global Entry Program


The Global Entry card is issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service to pre-approved passengers for fast entry processing using automated kiosk upon arrival at participating airports. Such passengers are low-risk US citizens and permanent citizens who have submitted an application form and have successfully passed a screening interview. These passengers may also use the service in other countries like Mexico, Argentina, The Netherlands, India, Switzerland, Germany and etc.

To enroll for the Global Entry program, applicants must print and fill in an application form and then fax or email it to the US Immigration Visa & Travel Services. Subsequently, upon a background check they are invited to an interview, if approved. There is a $100 application fee. During the interview the applicant’s fingerprints are taken as well as a photo of the individual. Different types of questions are asked at the interview including: why do you need the card and how often are you going to use it? The applicant is also instructed on how to use the card at the kiosks.

There are some cases when the applicant is disqualified from the Global Entry program. Such reasons could be any type of criminal conviction of the applicant or just incorrectly filled in application form. Even then the applicant is still eligible for re-submission to the program upon a paid fee.

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Once you receive your Global Entry card, it needs to be activated on the Official U.S. Government Web Site. Just type in the PASSID and numeric Security Code from the back of your card and continue. The CBP PASSID also represents your Known Traveler Number (KTN). You have to add this number to your flight reservation. Then it will appear in the barcode of your boarding pass.

The biggest benefit of the Global Entry card is that it saves you time and you do not have to wait in line at the immigration.